Saturday, November 5, 2011

Occupy Redding Plans Big Surprise for Monday

Photo by Joe McGarity

The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread quickly to nearly every city in the nation and even abroad.   Redding has not been an exception, even if its number of protesters has been small.  Although officially a “leaderless” movement, Joshua Jansen seemed to have everything under control this Thursday when the Fantom Penguin stopped by Sculpture Park.  He hinted at something big in the near future.

“Hey, everybody!  We’re down here at Occupy Redding.  We are right off to the side of City Hall in Sculpture Park.  I’m wanting everyone to come out on Monday.  It is our one-week anniversary.  We’ve got a very, very big surprise that’s going to be coming out here and we welcome everybody and that is children to the elderly.  I want everybody that can come out to come out and see all the wonderful things that’s going to be happening on Monday.”

“The Occupy Movement is really to get all corporate greed out.  We don’t need corporate greed in our government.  You look at how many different government officials used to work as big bankers.  That is really, really scary to us and we want all of those people out of there and we want normal Americans in our government.”

“Well, what’s happening here locally is we’ve actually been working with the city and also the police department for peaceful resolutions to our Occupy Redding camp.  Currently we are on a ‘day camp’ schedule.  That’s not to say that we’re not going to have a 24-hour camp here in the near future.  If you would like, please get onto  There’s tons of information there.  You can also sign up for times to come out and pledge time or make donations or anything else that you would like to do.  Learn a little bit more about Occupy as a whole.  Another good one for you guys would be to get onto New York’s general assembly website.  Just throw that in, in Google.  Click on the first page that pops up.  There will be tons of information on Occupy Wall Street and Occupy the World for you.”

The big surprise, the nature of which was not revealed to the Fantom Penguin, takes place Monday, November 7, 2011 in Sculpture Park next to Redding City Hall “around noon”.


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